You have a life purpose.

White background with a translucent golden flame emerging from the bottom of the picture. Dark brown writing on top in center reading the quote by Alana Fairchild: "You have a life purpose to assist in the creation of divine harmony in the world." Smaller company logo in dark brown writing along the bottom reading, "From the Hearth."

“You have a life purpose to assist in the creation of divine harmony in the world. Believe that the beautiful world you long for is not only possible, but part of your spiritual responsibility to create.”

This morning I pulled three cards for myself, as I feel like I am turning a page in my current chapter.

The message: you are fulfilled, you are responsible for creating your own reality, take aligned action today.

Does this resonate with you too? Please share any thoughts that come up for your in the comments below!

And in my responsibility for creating the beautiful world that I long for, I am SO fired up for the upcoming offerings that I get to share with you.


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“Earth Warriors understand that we need to fight for peace in this world. Saboteurs will want you to believe that peace is passive, that it involves denial or detachment from the world.

We are the ones who are passionate about creating paradise for all on earth.

No one person can accomplish this on their own. We each do our part, together.

Earth Warriors, there are enough of us now. We do not need to wait any longer. We are the wild divine visionaries who not only see, but do.

Let us continue to rally and rise.”


So much love to you,