I am simultaneously scared and thrilled with the direction my work is taking.

Photo of Tara sitting on the ground at the base of a tree, wearing a white tank top and a long, flowing orange skirt. With a tree of life on the ground to her left, laughing.

I am simultaneously scared and thrilled with the direction my work is taking.

I am scared because truly coming home to oneself is challenging work and dominant culture – which I name as a system of white supremacy – has taught me not to rock the boat or I won’t be ‘successful.’ Dominant culture has told us that we have a right to comfort, so anything that is uncomfortable is ‘wrong’ and should therefore be avoided.

My Fear: “So who the heck is going to want to work with you if they are going to be voluntarily getting uncomfortable?!”

I am thrilled because in business and in life, I am unraveling the aspect of dominant culture that has taught me more is better. I don’t have to work with everyone. I will work with the souls who are called to sit with me in these fires of transformation. No force is required.

Fear: “But what if you don’t make enough money??”

I trust. I trust that when I follow my heart and my inspiration and my inner voice, I will be taken care of. Whatever that looks like. I am continually detaching from any kind of ‘vision of success’ because it causes me suffering and objectifies those who I work with.

I am establishing a feeling of success. What it feels like to be in my body when I am in true and whole alignment with my heart and soul and purpose.

It may sound like I’m setting myself up for ‘failure,’ and yet as I continue to shed expectations and outcomes, I live in more and more bliss. My moment to moment living is a beautiful place to be. My suffering is reduced. I feel free. And every day I practice, I become more free.

Dominant culture is keeping you unwell. It is keeping me unwell. If you want to walk this path with me, DM me or apply now below to join me in the fires of transformation that is Seek Sanctuary.

When you find freedom in yourself, you gift freedom to the collective and give others permission to join you on the journey. Our wellbeing is bound, and what you do in this world matters.

Sending you much love,