I first started this business (then called Red Cedar Studio) in 2018 when I was called to cultivate a creative outlet for myself. I had learned how to hand make soaps and candles, and found the time that I spent working on them very therapeutic.

While I didn’t realize it back then, this marked a new chapter in my personal healing journey. The energetic investment that I made in myself by starting a business and pursuing my passion caused something to spark within me.

While the operation was small, the products that I made were of very high quality, and having access to beautiful soaps and candles at my leisure gave me the opportunity to transform my self care routines into self love rituals. This was my first experience with Plant Spirit medicine. The spark within me grew.

As time went on, I was introduced to – and started pursuing – self development. I was called to cultivate radical responsibility for myself, and in doing so I felt empowered. I was introduced to tools that I could use to observe myself, manage my inner turmoil, and transmute negative energies in my Being. The spark within me ignited.

This is the path that I am walking today, and the part within me that sparked back in 2018 has set fire to my soul. I find myself on my Sadhana (spiritual path). And, as it always has been, this business (now called From the Hearth) is part of it.

Why ‘From the Hearth?’ Because everything in this business is created from my inner hearth space. The hearth – the area in front of a fireplace – is a symbol of sanctuary and safety, of nourishment and fulfillment, of home.

In this world and in business, I move with the intention of creating spaces and products for people who seek to nourish their sanctuary within.

What I have come to learn so intimately is that we are our own healers. We just need to be equipped with the tools to do the work.

The journey is the destination.

I am grateful and blessed to be on this path, and I invite you to join me in nourishing the sanctuary within.

So much love to you,