Sacred Circle

Why sit in Sacred Circle?

Because when you do you make an energetic investment in yourself.
Take some time out of your busy schedule to be with a group of like-hearted people, stretching across the globe.
Set intentions, release what is not serving you, integrate what is, use your voice, move your body, drink Cacao, breathe.
The power of group consciousness is undeniable. Witness and be witnessed by others. The more you put in, the more you get out.

When are the Circles?

Check out the Events page for a full listing of Sacred Circle gatherings!

There are a minimum of two Circle offerings each cycle (month); we gather under the energy of the New Moon and of the Last Quarter Moon.
The New Moon is a great time for intention setting, inviting you to look at the upcoming Lunar cycle and work with the Moon’s energies on a particular area of interest.
The Last Quarter Moon is a great time for sharing and release, inviting you to reflect on your actions and the results over the course of the cycle, integrating what served you and releasing what didn’t.